Be an empowering leader in the outdoors

The Outdoor Program 领导 Bachelor of Applied Science degree offers students an administrative perspective of the outdoor 娱乐 service industry that includes learning, 培训, and assessment of leadership and program management skills.

Be a part of a community

生活 in the foothills of the Wind River mountains on the Alpine Science campus.

Experience your expedition

Conduct research in the field as part of our focus on experiential learning. Students in anthropology, 户外教育, environmental science, and expedition science work together to explore the unique terrain of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Climb to your highest potential

Enjoy access to world-class terrain and advance your skills in rock climbing, 山地自行车, 越野滑雪, 和滑雪.


Discover the best practices for sustainable agriculture in high elevation areas.

生活 at the foothills of the Wind River Mountains

The ASI is a multi-use educational and 娱乐al center designed for sustainably-minded students who want to get outside and explore!



In the foothills of the Wind River Mountains, just outside of Sinks Canyon State Park is the Alpine Science Institute.  The ASI is a multi-use educational and 娱乐al center designed for students who want to get outside and explore!

The ASI serves as a model for environmental stewardship featuring solar-paneled buildings, 回收计划, and a composting facility.  这是一种生活, learning field school for Outdoor Education, 户外休闲, 地理空间科学, 科学探险, and Regenerative Small Scale Farming. Open to the community, the ASI grounds feature hiking and 山地自行车 trails in addition to classroom facilities and student housing.

The ASI experiential learning strategy focuses on the integration of field-based skills with 户外教育ucation, environmental science, 和考古学. Students attend classes on an alternate Alpine Science Block Schedule.  A four-week block at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters allows faculty and students to capitalize on ideal weather and environmental conditions to conduct fieldwork and other outdoor-related studies.  The four-week block is followed by a more traditional 12-week schedule where students complete their classroom-based and general education classes.

ASI partners with institutions across the nation and beyond to provide additional opportunities for students as far away as the Alps and Andes. Other study environments include Gannett Peak, Grand Teton National Park, and Wyoming’s Wind River Range.


  • 生活 in the foothills of the Wind River Mountains.
  • 在网上上课 Alpine Science Block Schedule that takes advantage of optimal hands-on learning experiences in an outdoor setting.
  • Explore the world doing scientific research to understand the planet and the life forms it supports
  • Participate in cutting-edge archaeology expeditions to figure out how people lived thousands of years ago
  • Apply discoveries to real-world questions and problems involving land and resource management, 娱乐, and environmental issues


Bachelor of Applied Science

Develop skills for a career as a leader in the outdoors. 

This unique degree is provided through a partnership with NOLS! 

Learn about the business and entrepreneurial side of the outdoor 娱乐 service industry.

This innovative degree combines field collection, analysis and mapping using high-tech systems. 

Learn the art of farming in high-altitude communities.

Alpine Science Expeditions put students in the most remote locations, climbing the highest mountains, all while conducting cutting-edge research.

Develop the skills necessary to operate a small, diversified fruit and vegetable farm.

Authorized permit holder of the US Forest Service and an equal opportunity service provider.